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LONDON, UK, June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vault Finance announces the launch of Novation, its revolutionary no-sale exchange and launch platform. Tentatively slated for a July launch and based on the Binance Smart Chain, the Novation exchange is designed to avoid contract sales altogether. It will work by collecting fees and taxes in BEP20 base currencies (e.g. BNB, BUSD), not native tokens, thereby massively reducing selling pressure on the chart. This exciting innovation will ensure that Novation becomes a leading exchange for tokenomics projects and provides Vault Finance with the ability to generate revenue from day one.

Additionally, Vault Finance will launch $VTFC, its hyper-deflationary native token that offers BUSD rewards. Also based on the Binance smart chain, $VTFC will operate using a one-of-a-kind no-sell smart contract. This will completely revolutionize reward coin tokenomics as it will support a completely no-sell feature on cryptocurrency exchanges. As with their Novation exchange, Vault Finance’s unique contract does not require the sale of its native $VTFC token to generate the BUSD rewards, or to fund buyout, marketing, and development portfolios. This will make $VTFC truly 100% undersold, not just “undersold”.

Vault Finance believes its smart contract will usher in a new era in tokenomic thinking by setting a new standard. It is for this reason that the team is currently in the process of proxy-protecting this pioneering technology. Once protected, the no-sales feature will be licensed to other projects, giving them a much better chance of survival due to the complete lack of contract sales draining their cash pool. The revenue generated by this license will be reinvested in the Vault Finance ecosystem for the benefit of the holders. The fact that $VTFC will also be supported by a plethora of unique utilities is proof of Vault Finance’s commitment to becoming a top DeFi project. And the numerous rewards – 7% BUSD, 5% Unlock the Vault, 4% Buyback and Burn – will prove to be an amazing bonus for long-term holders.

Demonstrating Vault Finance’s commitment to delivering value to its investors, three functional utilities, in addition to the Novation exchange, will be immediately available at launch: a digital wallet to help with all things Vault; a dashboard that provides investment tracking; and a private members-only website with exclusive content for $VTFC holders. Two other utilities will enter development in Q3: VaultCircle, a one-stop-shop for communications with crypto investors; VaultXchange, a revolutionary marketplace that will provide a bridge between cryptocurrency and real-life goods and services. Additionally, the team is working on several secret utilities that are expected to be both pioneering and innovative.

$VTFC is a rewards token with 7% of its fee distributed to all holders in the form of BUSD to provide passive income. An allocation of 5% of the tax is reserved for Unlock the Vault events, which occur periodically and involve the distribution of some of its content to holders. This means that Vault Finance investors not only receive their 7% BUSD rewards, but also receive a share of Vault’s reserve.

The Vault Finance team will also use a strategic buy-and-burn mechanism, with 4% of the tax going into the BB&B wallet. Their unique contract will be structured so that the BB&B gives the chart the boost it is supposed to give by triggering in response to negative price action. This will help offset any significant selling with a significant reversal of the red candles at the right time by buying back tokens. Not only that, but the burns will be strategically timed to coincide with Unlock the Vault events, maximizing the potential for green candles and positive price action. A final highlight of Vault Finance’s tokenomics is the allocation of 100T tokens (10% of total supply) to their Diamond Hands Heist. Any investor who holds on day 30 after launch will become eligible to receive a share, proportional to the amount of VTFC they own, of 100T tokens as long as they still hold 100% of their investment on day 60. These will be airdropped straight into holders’ wallets as a special bonus for being a diamond-handed investor. And for those who continue to hold until Day 120, there will be a second Diamond Hand Heist, with all BUSD that was earned in 100T token rewards during Day 1-60 being distributed to those holders.

About Vault Finance

Vault Finance was established in April 2022 by four professionals who have a wealth of investment experience and share a passion for cryptocurrency. Their goal was simple but very ambitious: to redefine the tokenomics used in the field of rewards. Chris Esparza (CEO), Mason Jenkins CBO, Alex Ructtinger (CSO) and Ross Miotti (COO) set out to build a highly professional team, lay the foundation for a strong community and secure the services of a innovative group of developers. Strategic partnerships with established projects soon followed.

Given the core team’s own investment experience, they understand the concerns many people have before committing funds to a project. It is for this reason that they are fully doxxed and have successfully completed a thorough KYC process through Anonydoxx. Integrity, transparency and honesty are three of the core values ​​that define Vault Finance, with creating value for investors at the heart of all business decisions.

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