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Four people, including 11-term former senator Alicia Hansen, have been hired in the past 90 days by the Public Finances Authority VI, according to documents provided to the Senate Finance Committee.

PFA Director Nathan Simmonds was due to provide an update on the situation at a hearing scheduled for Friday, but committee chairman Senator Kurt Vialet said Simmonds would not be present.

“We’re going to change the agenda,” Vialet said shortly after the meeting opened. “He let us know he had a personal emergency and would not be able to testify or answer questions.”

Although not available for in-person discussion, Simmonds submitted testimony to the Legislature along with a committee-requested document that contains a list of all PFA contracts and new hires over the past 90 years. last days. Vialet said the testimony would be read into the legislative record, but adjourned without doing so.

Simmonds, in a letter dated April 21 to Vialet in his capacity as chairman of the finance committee, listed four new employees and four companies under contract with the PFA. Hansen, a former gubernatorial candidate, was among four employees with an annual salary of $110,000. Hansen’s hire date is listed as March 14.

Other employees with ties to the community as well as former politicians are:

• Cordaeja Goodwin – $47,000 (Document listed date of hire as 2/28/22 to 3/14/2022. It was unclear if Goodwin was still employed by the PFA.

• Natalia Hill — $65,000; date of hire March 21

• Camilia Daniels — $60,000; starting date April 11

The four entrepreneurs are:

• Global Advisors — Contract for $20,000 plus expenses with a term commencing February 2, 2022, through end of services. He did not specify what those services were.

• Allied Cleaning Services — $1,680 per month for a contract dated March 2, 2022 to March 1, 2023. He did not specify whether it was for cleaning an office or a house.

• Causey Demgen & Moore — $10,000 contract, including expenses, with a start date of March 30, 2022, until completion of services.

• Titan Impact — Three-year contract from $540,000 to $180,000 per year with a start term of March 31, 2022 to March 31, 2025.

In addition, Bill No. 34-0226, which seeks to adjust the budget for fiscal year 2022 to allocate nearly $1.5 million primarily from the General Fund to more than 10 different entities for various outstanding needs. , was presented to the Rules and Judiciary Committee.

According to the bill, the entities likely to receive funds if the law is enacted are the Casino Control Commission, WTJX, Virgin Islands Electoral System, VI Cricket Board, Department of Tourism, VI Board of Nurse Licensure. , Economic Development Authority, Luis Hospital, Department of Justice, University of the Virgin Islands and Waste Management Authority VI.

Bill no. 34-0205 took place in committee. The law aims to make health care more accessible to Virgin Islands veterans by enacting the Veterans Medical Transportation Act which helps veterans reimburse for travel expenses, but was held back due to a lack of funding.

Bill 34-0197, an accounting measure developed in connection with government payments to contractors, was also held up in committee until called by the President.

Besides Vialet, the senses. Marvin Blyden, Dwayne DeGraff, Donna Frett-Gregory, Javan James Sr. and Janelle Sarauw attended the hearing. Senator Samuel Carrion was absent.


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