SEB deploys a cash flow forecasting tool to all corporate customers


Now, corporate clients can make better forecasts of their cash flow with ease. At the beginning of November, SEB launched the first version of the Cash Flow Forecasting service in C&I Online.

“We know this is something that many customers ask for. It’s a simple, user-friendly service that customers can use quickly and requires no installation, ”says Martin William-Olsson, product manager for Analytics / Reporting in Transaction Services.

From the beginning of November, the new service, which has been tested by a handful of customers since August, is available to all C&I customers online as an add-on service. By combining transaction data from the trading system with account information at SEB, customers can more easily predict what their future cash flows will look like and whether they may need to take actions such as securing liquidity in various currencies. .

The first version requires customers to manually enter data from their business systems.

“The plan is to sell the service to large and medium-sized businesses, but with the version we have now, we believe the biggest need is with mid-size business customers,” says Emma Nordström, product owner and product specialist for Analytics / Reporting in Transaction. Services. Many of these companies do a large part of their forecasting in Excel due to a lack of good and efficient alternatives. For these customers, we believe that this is a simple and inexpensive service that will bring them added value.

In the next step, it is planned to further develop the service to allow import of transaction data via file transfers, and then to establish automatic integration with customers’ business systems at a later stage. The development of the tool will be based on customer feedback and internal interests. Next year, it is also planned to offer the service as a separate module in Business Arena.


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