Persuasive effect of the vision statement for the printing industry


Few forces, if any, are as powerful as a shared vision. A clearly articulated vision is essential to the success of a business because it creates excitement for a future state that is important and desirable to all who are expected to play a part in its achievement.

Very simply, a shared vision statement answers the question, “What do we want to aspire to become or create?” When employees at all levels can answer this question in the same way, they are connected and motivated by a future that matters to them and to all stakeholders.

The shared vision is more than the personal vision of the leader of a company, or even of his management team. That doesn’t mean the visions don’t emanate from above. They can sometimes “boil” within the organization, from people working and interacting with each other. And like any other meaningful initiative, crafting an effective vision statement takes and deserves time and dedication. While most start with the leadership team, the opportunity for participation from a broader group of team members can lead to an efficient process and better results. Since people tend to support what they help to create, this large-scale involvement takes on even more meaning.

Meeting in small groups that cross departmental lines and levels of the organizational chart, insights, ideas and aspirations are captured in a structured yet fluid session. Professional facilitation of these meetings is essential and can help ensure that time is well spent and full participation is encouraged and supported. Start by capturing phrases, concepts, ideas, and aspirations. Discuss and encourage debate and conflicting ideas and concepts. It’s the raw material for crafting an effective, compelling, unifying and energizing vision statement that will galvanize team members and stand the test of time.

What is most important in planning is not the origin of a company’s vision. Rather, it is the creation of a clearly defined future destination that builds focus, enthusiasm and a common identity among employees and all stakeholders.

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