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“The current talent shortage has created an opening for harnessing global talent. DOXA Talent gives business owners access to high-quality talent to scale quickly and compensate for difficult changes in the workforce,” said David Nilssen, CEO of DOXA Talent.

For over 20 years, Guidant Financial has supported over 25,000 small businesses across the United States with an affordable price financing solutions and simplified business services, striving to help small business owners achieve their dreams. Now, Guidant Financial has made a significant investment in DOXA Talent.

Talent DOXA helps small businesses hire exceptional talent globally, enabling small business owners to grow faster and more profitably. At a time when talent is scarce and salaries are rising, hiring global talent can save US-based companies up to 70% on the cost of hiring in the country.

“Big companies have been leveraging global talent for years and using it as a competitive advantage,” said Jeremy Ames, co-founder and CEO of Guidant Financial. “We are thrilled with our investment in DOXA Talent. It supports our vision to help more small businesses succeed by helping them leverage the power of global talent.”

Finding local talent is difficult, especially now. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries in nearly every state are struggling to meet their employment needs. Since the pandemic, approximately 5 million workers disappeared from the labor market.

Retaining talent, or retaining employees, is another big dilemma in today’s workforce. In the United States, the average turnover rate in 2021 was 47.2% — and with the Big resignation, or the “great talent reshuffle”, we’re likely to see this trend continue. In May 2022 only, 4.4 million people left their jobs.

With these changes in the workforce, many small businesses are struggling to find and retain talent. And if they do, they worry about paying them like US inflation recently hit a new four-decade high of 9.1%. Costs, including salaries and employee benefits, are rising sharply.

The good news? Hiring global talent can solve all of these challenges.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to many businesses that we can be wildly successful, even in a remote environment. And the talent shortage has created an opening for leveraging global talent. DOXA Talent empowers business owners ‘business to access high-quality talent to scale quickly and compensate for difficult changes in the workforce,” said David Nilssen, CEO of DOXA Talent. “Our mantra is that it’s our job to lift the communities we serve – not just internally, but also nationally. The tide lifts all boats.”

DOXA Talent can help you discover talent around the world, allowing you to scale faster and build greater trust with your clients. Guidant Financial is proud to guide small business owners to success – and we look forward to helping more small businesses succeed with DOXA Talent.

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