New York’s nursing home staffing mandate goes into effect Friday. Trade group says it’s ‘impossible to comply’ | Business premises


To meet those staffing needs, LeadingAge, a nursing home trade association, said more than 12,000 new nurses and aides are needed statewide.

Another state law also passed last year requires nursing homes to spend at least 70% of their revenue on direct resident care and 40% on “resident-contact staff.”

Health Department spokesman Jeffrey Hammond said that when Governor Kathy Hochul issued executive orders that delayed enforcement of staffing requirements until March 31, it was “understanding that the delay would be temporary “.

One-star rated facilities have been cited for failing to test workers for Covid-19, failing to ensure workers wash their hands properly, failing to report possible cases of abuse and more.

In her statement, Clyne denounced the state’s “abysmal Medicaid rates for nursing homes,” which hamper a nursing home’s ability to provide the salaries needed to compete for a limited pool of applicants for nursing. use.

LeadingAge points out that New York’s Medicaid program covers nearly 75% of nursing home care days. The problem, they say, is that fares have been stagnant for a long time, while costs have risen rapidly.

This is one of the main reasons nursing homes are hoping that the final state budget, currently being negotiated, will include a significant increase in Medicaid rates. As things stood, one house budgets agreed with Hochul’s proposal to plan for a 1% increase in Medicaid rates.


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