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AHM Mostafa Kamal. Photo: collected.


AHM Mostafa Kamal. Photo: collected.

Finance Minister AHM Mostafa Kamal said consumers would benefit if fuel prices fall in the international market.

Responding to questions from reporters at a hotel in the capital today, he said: “Prices are falling all over the world, they have started falling everywhere. We also started buying at lower prices. When the shipment arrives in the country, the pressure will decrease.”

“I think consumers could buy at lower prices,” he added.

When asked if the automated pricing system would be introduced, he replied, “I can’t say at this time. But we set the price of LPG gas automatically. In the case of fuel, it will start slowly.

Asked about the rationality of the sudden increase in the price of fuel oil, he replied: “What is the situation of neighboring countries? The price that was increased here was not increased without logic.

“When the price goes up, we always consider people – how much it’s going to go up and how much people can bear,” he added.


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