Mercury Transit 2022: Effect on the zodiac signs of Budh Gochar in Virgo

Image source: FREEPIK Transit of Mercury in Virgo 2022: effect on the signs of the zodiac

Mercury Transit 2022: Transit of Mercury i.e. Budh Gochar in Virgo means that the planet Mercury enters or changes from one sign of the zodiac to another. This time it’s the Virgin. Regarding the transit of Mercury, its duration is 23 days, that is, after staying in one sign of the zodiac for 23 days, Mercury enters the other sign. However, in 2022 there is also a situation where the transit of Mercury will be 68 days. During this period, Mercury will remain in Taurus. In this zodiac, this retrograde will recover, the path will be straight, and eventually it will transition into Gemini.

Transiting Mercury for 68 days can bring ups and downs in the lives of all signs. When the transit period of the planet Mercury increases or it remains in the same sign for more than 23 days, it is called an intrusion (atichar) in the language of astrology. Due to this position, both auspicious and inauspicious results can be observed. Let’s see what effect the transit of Mercury in Virgo will have on all the signs of the zodiac.


The transit of Mercury will be the best for Aries. This will strengthen your position. Your opponent will not be able to dominate you during this time. During the transition period, your communication skills will improve a lot. You will be able to adequately assert your position in the position. Moreover, those who are looking for a new job will also achieve success.


The transit of Mercury will be favorable to Taurus. During this period, if your position (Antar Dasha) and your horoscope are good, then this transit of Mercury will benefit you in the fields of lottery, speculation or the stock market. Students will also get good grades in their studies due to their hard work. It will be a good time to start a love life and have a child. People who have some sort of rift in their love life will see its end come to an end.


This transit of Mercury will be beneficial for Gemini. The relationship with your mother will be strong and you will benefit from it. You will get benefits from land-related things. There will be an increase in happiness at home and in family. At this time, the sum of getting a vehicle, a house, and happiness will also be formed.


The transit of Mercury will be normal for Cancer. Your relationships with your work colleagues will remain strong during the period. You will increase your hobby. Your relationships with your siblings will be strong and you will also benefit from family support. New friends will be made during the transit period, and the sum of trips abroad will also be formed.


The transit of Mercury will be lucky for Leo. During this period, your family will grow and new sources of wealth will also be created. Your area of ​​work will increase, and you will also have contacts with good people. During the transition period, if you have invested anywhere, it is a favorable time.


Transiting Mercury can be stressful for Virgo. The presence of Mercury can increase feelings of arrogance in your horoscope. The transit of Mercury will prove supreme for you and you will see its benefits everywhere. Be restrained in your speech so that your image is not corrupted. Take care of your diet, otherwise there may be health problems.


The transit of the planet Mercury can increase the expenses of the zodiac sign Libra. Control expenses without reason, otherwise the balance of the financial situation may deteriorate. Investments made in the old place during the transit time will be beneficial. Exercise to eliminate mental disorders and stay away from any kind of conflict.


The transit of Mercury will bring all kinds of benefits to the inhabitants of Scorpio. During this time, wealth will begin to increase, and you will achieve all kinds of happiness, prosperity and peace in the house. You will also get help from friends and relatives who will also be grateful to you. There are also chances of getting advancement in the job.


For the Sagittarius zodiac sign, the transit of Mercury will be beneficial for the success of their career. Mercury will help you elevate your career. You must master this art even during the transition period to impress your boss with a conversation. Along with this, job offers will start coming in for the new location. There are chances of getting pregnant for married couples.


The transit of Mercury will bring good luck to the inhabitants of Capricorn. Your luck will be strong and will make you progress in everything. Respect for gurus and superiors will increase in your mind and you will gain more knowledge by doing religious work. Your fortune will increase thanks to your father and the family support will remain. Your interest in religion will increase during the transit period and you will also be able to visit religious places.


The transit of Mercury will be beneficial for the inhabitants of Aquarius. Meanwhile, if your research work has been stalled for a long time, it will gain momentum during this time. Good news can be received from the child. The weather will be very favorable for people working on commission. Take care of your health.


The transit of Mercury will bring favorable results for the people of Pisces. There will be an increase in happiness and prosperity in married life, and you will also succeed in strengthening your relationship. During the transit period, your mind may become very restless and may wander here and there. This period can be stressful for business class. Avoid arguments with your spouse.

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