MBIE releases first long-term business future briefing for Aotearoa New Zealand


MBIE has released its first long-term outlook briefing. This briefing explores the future of business for Aotearoa New Zealand through two trends, purpose-driven business and the use of blockchain technology.

“The Briefing was enriched by a wide range of people who contributed their ideas, and we are very happy to share the final product,” said Carolyn Tremain, Managing Director of MBIE.

The development of the Briefing included MBIE organizing a series of meetings and two public consultations. The team also focused on collaborating with subject matter experts, purpose-driven organizations, and business representative organizations.

We focused on two trends to help us understand what the future of business might look like. “Goals-driven enterprises refer to enterprises where profits are balanced with the achievement of a broader social and environmental good. Blockchain is a potentially disruptive and little-known technology. There is also a general lack of understanding of the opportunity blockchain technology represents for businesses and how the technology itself may change over time,” says Tremain.

“We have seen that the way companies approach their role in society and how they organize themselves is changing. This provides new opportunities for government, business and communities to work together to address the great challenges of our time.

Briefings on the long-term outlook are to be produced every three years by the directors general of the ministries. They do not contain political recommendations and are not influenced by the government in place. They aim to provoke thought and spark debate by exploring issues that matter to New Zealand’s future.

We invite you to read the Briefing on the MBIE website: https://www.mbie.govt.nz/final-ltib

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