Luma Financial Technologies Enhances Market-Leading Platform With API Pricing Feature


CINCINNATI – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”), the world’s most objective independent structured products and multi-issuer annuity platform, is pleased to announce announce the latest improvement to the Luma platform, API technology for automated pricing of personalized products.

Luma’s Adaptive API pricing feature enables a more consistent, transparent and efficient price discovery process for finance professionals around the world who use Luma’s Creation Hub to customize products that meet each individual’s risk profile. customer. What was once a long and inconsistent process has turned into a fast and efficient experience.

“Automated pricing is the latest feature we are offering finance professionals to simplify the structured product investment process,” said Donald Pogan, chief product officer at Luma Financial Technologies. “One of the cornerstones of structured products, which is particularly evident in today’s volatile market environment, is that they are highly customizable to fit specific investment views. With the ability to instantly price tailor-made products from a wide range of issuers, our platform continues to free up an advisor’s time to focus on more value-added items and eliminate manual workflows. and the obstacles of their daily life.

Luma Creation Center was brought to market so that advisors could use technology to create their own competitive advantage and increase added value for clients. With API technology for automated pricing now included in the Creation Hub, Luma brings its users new efficiencies in a disorganized multi-system process, transparency in an opaque workflow, and the fastest and most efficient price discovery. full possible.

“Multi-issuer API pricing capabilities for customizing structured products have long been available to finance professionals in Europe and Asia,” said Tim Bonacci, CEO of Luma Financial Technologies. “As a global company, we considered it essential to offer these capabilities to our customers in all geographies. We pride ourselves on bringing best practices in structured product investment and platforming to our US and Latin American clients, further enhancing innovation and efficiency on our unmatched platform.

The addition of the automated pricing feature follows the recent release of Luma Compare, a new tool that allows advisors to instantly compare various annuities and now structured products.

For more information, you can sign up for a demo of the Luma platform by clicking here.

About Luma Financial Technologies

Luma Financial Technologies is the creator of Luma, a fully customizable, independent, buy-side technology platform that helps finance teams learn, create, order and more effectively manage market-related investments such as structured products, structured annuities. , etc.

Launched in 2011, Luma is one of the largest and oldest structured product platforms in the US market and is used by brokerage firms, RIA offices and private banks to automate and optimize the process cycle. complete offer and transaction in the market. related investments. This includes education and certification; creation and pricing of tailor-made structures; entering orders; and post-trade actions. Luma is multi-issuer, multi-wholesaler and multi-product, thus offering teams a wide range of market-related investments to best meet the specific needs of the client portfolio.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, Luma also has offices in New York, NY and Zurich, Switzerland and Chile. For more information, please visit The Luma website.


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