LIVE: Biden says he thinks Russia should be removed from G-20

Live Updates: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday accused Russia of crossing a red line into barbarism in its war against Ukraine and said the West must ‘tighten the noose’ in sanctions to end the conflict .

“Vladimir Putin has already crossed the red line into barbarism,” Johnson told reporters upon arriving in Brussels for an unprecedented one-day trio of NATO, G7 and EU summits. He said more sanctions needed to be imposed, Reuters reported.

US President Joe Biden is ready to meet allies in Brussels to discuss ways to pressure Putin to withdraw his forces from Ukraine, talks that come a month after the Russian leader ordered troops to invade.

Meanwhile, the war has left large parts of Ukraine devastated, even as the country’s military managed to prevent Russian forces from capturing the capital kyiv and other key cities. The United States and its allies have imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia, while offering military assistance to Ukraine.

The Biden administration is set to announce new sanctions against Russian politicians and oligarchs, and is close to a deal with the European Union to reduce its reliance on Russian energy


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