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The City of Leesburg invites proposals for the redevelopment of Liberty Lot, pursuant to the Virginia Educational Facilities and Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Act of 2002.

The Liberty Lot comprises 2.03 acres of land in historic downtown Leesburg and benefits from proximity to South King Street, Loudoun Street, Georgetown Park and the popular and popular Washington & Old Dominion Regional Trail. The parcel is zoned B-1, Community Business District (Downtown) and is currently used as a surface parking lot, with a 1,500 square foot public works annex building.

The City envisions development of excellent quality and design to provide the historic core of the city with additional vitality while respecting and reflecting the heritage of the downtown core. Proposals can be to develop the parcel alone or to include the parcel in a set of lands to be developed.

The City is considering selling the parcel for consideration to a developer or developers, who would redevelop the parcel for commercial purposes. The redevelopment should be consistent with the city’s vision as identified in the recently adopted Legacy Leesburg Municipal Plan, and should include shared public parking. The City would strongly prefer that shared public parking be funded from the proceeds of City ownership, although it will consider alternative proposals. The City is willing to consider a long-term lease of the plot and financing, but the simpler approach of selling the plots at cost is preferred. The City will also consider donating the land in exchange for public parking and construction/storage space for the Public Works Department.

Questions regarding the RFP must be submitted by May 9, 2022.

Final proposals are due by May 31, 2022.

Staff expect to present an analysis of the proposals received to City Council in late summer or early fall 2022.


Staff Contact:

Russell Seymour
Director of Economic Development
(703) 771-6530
[email protected]


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