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MONROVIA- India’s former Honorary Consul General to Liberia, Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva has called on the youth of Liberia to use technology to lead the development momentum in their country.

Dr. Sachdeva is also the Founder and CEO of Jeety Trading Corporation, a leading wholesale and retail business which he has operated in Liberia for over three decades.

Deliver the opening speech of the 6e on Saturday, Dr. Sachdeva rallied graduates and the young population to use their intellect and all the opportunities available to them to shape their future for the better.

“It is up to you to shape the future – with the strength of your will – and your intelligence, I am certain of a better future for Liberia, a country that is my home,” he said. .

“I’ve lived in Liberia for over three decades, so I know what I’m talking about. I have lived my entire adult life in Liberia; therefore, I am a Liberian at heart and an Indian by nationality… My outgoing generation, work hard to bring it this far, now it’s your turn.

So no matter what, you have to face these challenges, but do it with unwavering dedication. This way you can make a specific contribution to Liberia. You are capable.

And I can’t think of a better place to look for such people than here at BlueCrest. And as tech graduates, you need to consider the needs of the country and then work to make them a reality. So start thinking about how you might serve your nation.

Dr. Sachdeva noted that we live in a rapidly changing world, brought about by frequent technological advances that are disruptive but beneficial.

He praised tech graduates for embarking on the journey years ago to “position themselves to thrive in this exciting and ever-changing world that is driven by technology.”

He said that Liberia was at the origin of the technological revolution; and as such, he was delighted to be here to celebrate these graduates who have taken a bold step to venture into a career field that is arguably the most needed in Liberia at this time.

He noted that while worthy of seeking employment after graduation, encouraged graduates to organize themselves into companies, each person bringing a different piece of the technological puzzle, to begin researching, analyzing and creating digital solutions or software to solve the myriad of problems. problems that beset Liberia.

At their incredibly young age, he said graduates might be afraid to venture into entrepreneurship or end up losing. While their fear may not be misplaced, especially at a time when Liberia and the rest of the world are more unstable and uncertain, they should not let their fear paralyze them to do nothing, adding, “You have acquired the knowledge and have the ability, so explore — be bold. You can make a difference.”

The business mogul turned diplomat inspired graduates not to give up on their dreams and never be afraid to make mistakes.

“You have the power to effect change. Therefore, don’t say, “I’m afraid of failing.” Those who rise to challenges learn to innovate and stay afloat. This is the secret of my success as an entrepreneur. Know this: Liberia needs people who will not seek the easy way out, but who will dare to lead change in uncertainty. »

BlueCrest, Liberia’s premier IT university, continues to break down barriers and add ingenuity to its many learning platforms.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Dr Umesh Neelakantan,

The President of BlueCrest said that the university has contributed to advanced higher education and has been complemented, recognized and endorsed by very important people and governance offices where merit and quality are at the fore.

Dr. Neelakantan said BlueCrest in Liberia has been able to bring radical thoughts to over three thousand learners to date through the opportunities created primarily through information technology.

Since 2014, he said BlueCrest has imparted a mindset of progress to learners across different information technology portfolios; adding that the university has moved to an advanced status of learning portfolios such as cloud computing, cyber security, advanced software programming, advanced networking platform, health analytics, data science, machine learning and deep learning technologies, big data analytics and many more.

“The world has progressed and will progress by integrating information technology into all personal, professional and social endeavours. Every decision to date is based on faster insights, realized assessments, valuable judgments and authenticated inferences. The thoughts of the new generation are vital and no one can ignore or neglect the pace of the younger generation,” he said.

According to him, there has been a sea change in learning paradigms and pragmatic portfolios are dominating all over the world; noting that here, there will no longer be a constrained or isolated status for the younger generations to think “what to study, where to study” because the opportunities are immense.

Meanwhile, 20 students earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science, four a BBA-4 in computer science, and 39 a diploma in computer science. In fashion design, a student graduated.


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