Fall 2021 Stock Pitch Contest


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Walton Student Success partnered with Stephens Inc., a private financial services firm focused on building long-term relationships and long-term results, to host the Fall 2021 Stock Pitch Competition.

The Equity Showcase Competition challenges students to prepare and present buy / hold / sell recommendations and vigorously defend them. Students have 5 minutes for their presentation, which includes a 5-slide powerpoint and 10 minutes for questions and answers. Judged by a panel of Stephens employers, the intense competition is designed to replicate the demanding and fast-paced experience of sales and purchasing analysts. Key elements of each pitch included: rating (buy or sell), price target (expected share price one year from today, valuation (price target is justified) by one or more evaluation metrics) and the emphasis on what the target market is missing and why.

A total of 32 students took part in the fall 2021 action launch competition. The first round took place virtually on September 3rd. Of the 32 students, six students – William Cross, David Ator, Andres Balderrama Montano, Logan Estes, Daniel Kuehl and Andrew Turner – advanced to the second round, which took place at Willard J. Walker Hall on September 9. William Cross, who is currently studying junior finance with a minor in Japanese, took first place. Cross’s name will be inscribed on the Stephens Inc. trophy and received an Amazon gift card for his excellent presentation.

A job well done to everyone who participated and a special thank you to Stephens Inc.

In spring 2022, Stephens Inc. will host its next Stock Pitch contest. More information to come.

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