Edtech Company Changes Name As It Focuses On Long-Term Growth


Leeds-based learning technology company Sonocent is changing its name to Glean as part of its long-term growth strategy.

The rebranding comes at a pivotal time of change for EdTech which was founded in Leeds in 2007 and is now an integral part of the city’s ever-changing tech landscape.

Along with the rebranding, the company is also committed to improving the way students of all skill levels learn amid rapid changes in the education industry and tracking 52% growth in the past 12 months. as the demand for EdTech and accessible solutions has skyrocketed.

The team members are regular participants and trainers of the UK’s currently fastest growing local tech scene, employing around 30,000 people and contributing £ 6.6bn to the economy local.

18 months after the initial launch of the company’s brand new Software as a Service (SaaS) product Glean, the company has seen significant product success both in terms of growth, but also in terms of improved student achievement, with many students reporting improved academic performance and reduced anxiety.

By now, Glean’s technology has been adopted by students at all higher education institutions in the UK and some of the most prestigious Ivy League institutions around the world including Cornell, Brown and Columbia. . This growth is only expected to increase as the higher education system catches up with the accelerated trajectory of digital transformation brought on by the pandemic.

Glean is fully committed to further developing the Glean learning solution and phasing out the existing Sonocent Audio Notetaker product by 2025 to ensure that all students get the most out of their education. The adoption of the new Glean company name marks an important public commitment in this regard.

Dave Tucker, CEO and Co-Founder of Glean, said: “For many years our goal has been to improve the learning of over one million students. To do this, we have always known that we need to reach a wider range of learners than people with disabilities. That’s why we created Glean, our online note-taking platform. We’ve taken all of the lessons learned over the past decade to create an inclusive note-taking tool, designed to enhance learning in the classroom.

“Since launching last year, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback and so we are now confident that we are committed to Glean as a vehicle to give all learners the confidence and ability to acquire knowledge in an era of information overload.

“We are so excited about what the future of Glean has in store for us; for the team, for our clients and for the millions of learners we hope to inspire and support.

“Thank you to those who have supported us over the past decade on our journey to Glean, especially those from Leeds who have committed and shared with us throughout our journey. We look forward to playing an even bigger role in the city’s growth and success in the future.

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