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New Delhi, first published on May 22, 2022 at 9:32 am IST

The new petrol and diesel prices came into effect on Sunday, a day after Narendra Modi’s government decided to cut excise duties on motor fuels. The decision means that petrol is now cheaper by Rs 8.69 per liter (Delhi) while the price of diesel has fallen by Rs 7.05 per liter after taking into account its impact on other levies.

The reduction in excise duties has brought some relief to consumers, who have already been reeling from record inflation.

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Petrol in the nation’s capital now costs Rs 96.72 per liter from Rs 105.41 previously. Diesel is now priced at Rs 89.62 per liter from Rs 96.67 previously.

Petroleum marketing price notifications showed that petrol prices in the financial capital Mumbai had dropped to Rs 111.35 per liter from Rs 120.51 while the diesel price is now at Rs 97.28 per liter against Rs 104.77 earlier.

In Kolkata, petrol now costs Rs 106.03 per liter (previously Rs 115.12) and diesel is priced at Rs 92.76 per liter in Kolkata (previously Rs 99.83). In Chennai, a liter of petrol used to cost Rs 110.85. On Sunday, it cost Rs 102.63 per litre. The price of diesel in Chennai has fallen below Rs 100 and is now available at Rs 94.24 (previously Rs 100.94) per litre.

Note, fuel costs vary from state to state depending on local taxes such as value added tax.

Let’s take a look at fuel prices in other cities


Petrol: Rs 101.94 per liter
Diesel: Rs 87.89 per liter


Petrol: Rs 97.81 per liter
Diesel: Rs 90.05 per liter


Petrol: Rs 96.30 per liter
Diesel: Rs 92.43 per liter


Petrol: Rs 103.19 per liter
Diesel: Rs 94.76 per liter


Petrol: Rs 96.20 per liter
Diesel: Rs 84.26 per liter


Petrol: Rs 109.66 per liter
Diesel: Rs 97.82 per liter


Petrol: Rs 108.48 per liter
Diesel: Rs 93.72 per liter


Petrol: Rs 96.57 per liter
Diesel: Rs 89.76 per liter


Petrol: Rs 107.24 per liter
Diesel: Rs 94.04 per liter


Petrol: Rs 107.44 per liter
Diesel: Rs 96.26 per liter

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