Business leaders discuss the interdependence of finance and HR services


ICMA International and HR Dost hosted a conference on ‘Collaborative Leadership in Finance and Human Resources’ on Saturday.

HR experts and finance managers from various organizations participated in the event and expressed their views on the interdependence of HR and finance departments in organizations.

It was said that HR professionals know the language of talent, but chief executives (CEOs) and chief financial officers (CFOs) weren’t supposed to speak that language of talent.

Speakers agreed that it would be great for CEOs and CFOs to understand talent management from an HR perspective.

Speakers included Hina Maqbool, Deputy Director of Telecom Sector HRBP PTCL, Human Resources Manager of Mustaqeem Dying Textile Saba Umer, Head of Human Resources Legal TCS Ahsan Shiekh, VP Finance of Soorty Enterprises Yousuf Dayala, Chief Financial Officer of Genex Pharma Khurram Ansari and Chief Financial Officer of Cherat Cement. Ijaz Ahmed Khan. The conference was moderated by Sataish Aim and Ayaz Ali from HR Dost.

Khan said that if the HR and finance departments work closely together, they will elevate the organizations and definitely bring stability in financial affairs, while Ansari was of the view that the HR and finance departments needed open and trusting communication to be able to manage employees and manage cost and expenses.

Hina said the gaps between HR and finance could be bridged by creating HR fields such as data mining, IT and technology. The two must work closely together to understand each other’s work, she noted.

Shiekh opined that over time, organizations have learned from their experiences and now issues between HR and Finance were being debated. He said the challenges of gaps and overlaps could be resolved over time.

Saba said the fundamental role of HR is to engage employees, find talented employees and make employees more productive, while Dayala said students should think carefully before starting their professional careers in finance and the HR of a specific company. Going from textiles to any pharmaceutical company will hardly be easy, he noted.


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