Bethesda company creates chewy carrots for adults


After launching chewy carrots for kids, a Bethesda company is now offering a line of them for adults, in adult flavors.

Bethesda, Maryland eat the changethe plant-friendly snack company founded by Honest Tea inventor Seth Goldman and DC celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn, has launched Organic Carrot Chews.

Eat the Change already markets Cosmic Carrot Chews, a plant-based snack for children.

He calls the new range, which comes in three flavors, Carrot Chews for ages 12 and up. Flavors include Meyer Lemon, Ginger Turmeric and Maple Cardamom.

Chewing carrots come in three flavors. (Courtesy of Eat the Change/EM Pergantis)

They are made with organic cooked carrots infused with organic fruit juices then dehydrated, creating a chewy texture.

“We’ve heard from a number of parents who have introduced Cosmic Carrot Chews to their kids, and the feedback is in. They want their own snack,” Mendelsohn said, of flavor combinations that appeal to adults.

Eat the Change said carrots are a sustainable crop, requiring 23 gallons of water to produce 1 pound, compared to 257 gallons for soybeans.

Eat the change also sells a line of organic mushroom jerky.

Goldman launched Honest Tea in Bethesda in 1998. Coca-Cola bought the company in 2011 after making an earlier investment, but earlier this year Coke announced it would phase out the Honest Tea line.

Goldman is launching a new line of organic teas called Just Ice Tea, nationwide this fall, with Mendelsohn and his original Honest Tea partner, Barry Nalebuff.

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