5 Financial Gifts You Can Opt For Your Mom’s Financial Security This Mother’s Day


No gift is enough to express gratitude to a mother for the sacrifice she has made for the education of her child. At least we can try to make her happy on Mother’s Day by providing her with financial and social security.

“On Mother’s Day, you might want to give thoughtful gifts that can secure her financial freedom, fund a long-held dream, or help her plan a worry-free trip around the world. Some Financial Gifts will be appreciated by mothers in general and it would make a big difference in their lives,” said Anil Pinapala, CEO and Founder of Vivifi India Finance.

According to Pinapala, the top 5 gifts to give your moms this Mother’s Day are:

Health insurance

The gift of continued good health afforded by health insurance benefits and the security it provides in healthcare expenses takes the worries off your shoulders while she can travel anywhere carefree too .

Mutual fund

Mutual funds in his name can help him save for his retirement. Opening a mutual fund account with a lump sum or through SIP can give him the opportunity to grow his money faster during his retirement years and have enough savings. to be financially secure.

Finance a micro-enterprise for your mother

If your mother aspires to start her own business in retirement, such as taking cooking classes, running a nursery, owning a craft and art shop, etc., finance your mother’s business and help her to take the necessary steps to set up and manage their business. .

Seniors Savings Plan

Help her invest in the scheme which is safe and currently offers guaranteed returns of 7.4% with a term of five years. If your mother is over 60, she will be entitled to the same and can get reimbursements once every three months.

Plan a day out, activities and gifts for her

Pamper your mother with a relaxing day at the spa. Treat him to a special meal at his favorite restaurant. Take her shopping for something she’s been looking at for a while but wouldn’t buy on her own. And finally, catch the movies for fun before you call it a day. Alternatively, make reservations for a short vacation or getaway for your mom if wanderlust is her thing.

“While we understand that planning for the perfect day comes with expenses, access to an emergency line of credit can help you make all the necessary arrangements while allowing you to repay in installments with installments. easy without having to feel the financial burden of a loan,” Pinapala said.


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