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Your Hosts
Merida & Russell Johns
Inn Mascot, Georgia Annabella Leigh
Merida and Russell Johns in Glacier National Park

Merida & Russell
Glacier National Park


Opportunity sometimes knocks when you least expect it!  Fulfilling a twenty-one year dream of becoming innkeepers, Merida & Russell Johns "seized the day" in choosing the quaint  Bundling Board Inn.  

Adding the art of innkeeping to their already thriving careers, Merida & Russell continue the warmth and hospitality that has been offered up by the inn for over 20 years.

The legacy of hospitality continues whether you are a traveling on business, looking for a personal retreat, get-away or hosting a special event.


Russell and Casey at the Bundling Board Inn

Russell & Casey
Bundling Board Inn

Always happy to provide a warm welcome to Inn guests was the Inn's first mascot, resident boxer, Casey Maybelline.  

Casey and a male companion, Mr. Max, were adopted from Boxer Rebound in Ringwald, Illinois, a Boxer rescue organization.  Max and Casey are now departed, but the boxers were partly responsible for Russell and Merida's move to Woodstock.  Casey was the Inn's first mascot.  The Bundling Board is where Merida and Russell  stayed in 1999 prior to their pre-adoption interview with Boxer Rebound.

For more information about Boxer Rebound click here.


Bundling Board Inn Mascot Georgia Annabella Leigh was the Inn's Mascot from 2004 - 2010.  A Boston Terrier, adopted from the Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue, Georgia was always available for a hug and a "paw-shake".  Such a sweet soul will never be forgotten.




Merida's Story......

After a life-threatening illness gave me a new perspective, I traded in my career in rush-mode for a B&B with a mission.

Prior to 2003, I was best known as Professor Johns, who had spent almost thirty years building a distinguished career in health information systems.  My professional journey had started at Seattle University where I received by bachelor’s degree in health information systems in 1973 and began working in management capacities in hospitals.  Later I earned more degrees and established myself as an academic, becoming a tenured faculty member at The Ohio State University and later at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.  In 1999 I joined the faculty in the School of Business at Loyola University Chicago and became director of the School’s Master of Science Program in Information Systems Management.

In February 2003, while at a health informatics conference in San Diego, I landed in the Emergency Room of a local hospital with acute abdominal pain.  The doctors there diagnosed food poisoning, but my symptoms continued.  When I returned home to Chicago, I continued to be symptomatic.  I saw more doctors, had more tests, but there was no definitive diagnosis.  Seven weeks after the onset of my illness, I felt like I was dying.  In desperation I went to see my doctor yet another time and told him I wasn’t leaving until he had a plan.  I was immediately admitted to the hospital, where after four days of tests, I was scheduled for surgery.

Before surgery, I had asked to see the hospital chaplain.  The chaplain on duty the night before my surgery was Rabbi Mike.  I had never spoken to a Rabbi before, but Rabbi Mike and I immediately connected!  He asked me about myself, my life,  and my work. I told him that I had done just about everything I had wanted to do, except one thing which was to own and operate a bed and breakfast.  “So why haven’t you done that?” he asked.  I gave him the usual reasons and when I was done he looked at me and said, “Those aren’t good enough.”

I had first learned about bed and breakfasts in 1982 when I was arranging accommodations for a group of career women who were enrolled in an intensive summer program at The Ohio State University.  I had discovered a lovely Victorian bed and breakfast located a few blocks from the campus that made the ideal residence for our group of professional women.  For the next ten years we housed students for our intensive program at this charming bed and breakfast.  I knew that at some point I would own and operate a B&B and that it would serve as an avenue more than a business……but under what circumstances this would occur I didn’t know.

During my operation, the surgeons found that the cause of my illness was a ruptured appendix that had occurred seven weeks earlier and subsequently developed into widespread and serious infection.  I knew from my medical background that I was fortunate to be alive and that Rabbi Mike was correct…..my reasons for not pursuing my dream were “not good enough.”

After I recuperated sufficiently from my surgery, my husband and I began the search for a bed and breakfast.  But the search wasn’t long.  We had once stayed at The Bundling Board Inn in 1999 on our way to a Boxer Rescue organization to adopt our two boxers, Max and Casey Maybelline.  We liked the bed and breakfast and its location in the charming town of Woodstock, IL , located just 50 miles from Chicago.  To our surprise the Bundling Board Inn was up for sale!  So we sold our home in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago and on August 28th, five months to the day after my surgery, we closed on the Inn. 

The bed and breakfast has been more than I ever would have expected.  Moving away from the intense academic and business worlds has given me a different perspective and the gift of time for reflection, writing, and renewal.  It has also given me the opportunity to engage in community volunteer activities and to work with small business owners who are the spirit and the foundation of a community. 

I always felt that the bed and breakfast would be more than a business…….. and I delight in devoting my energy to helping others in incorporating holism and simplification into their every day lives through my work as an innkeeper, author, and professional speaker.




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